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Creative Zone Director Mahesh Dalamal

mahesh dalamal creative zone  (1)CREATIVE ZONE is a UAE Free Zone service that allows entrepreneurs, consultants and business professionals to form a company in the UAE with minimum investment, prestige and flexibility.

There are many opportunities in business and as an entrepreneur it is our job to find them! Dubai is a place of opportunity – the economy is booming and industry is thriving. It is a great place to make the jump into a new business, or bring your business over and make new connections.

As a growing economy is is a fantastic place to make new connections and establish additional revenue streams. Not only is it is a great place to do business, but it is also a wonderful place to live – the people are friendly and motivated – which explains the huge numbers of expats that choose to make Dubai their home!


Here is the Mission of Intent for Creative Zone Dubai

“We strive to provide clients with unbiased professional advice; transparency in terms of costs, procedures and timelines; a business networking platform to help clients launch and grow their new businesses; and a support infrastructure to guide them through the challenges they may face along the way.